Rachel Toss

A veteran Blackened Beacon member tasked with chaperoning Stephen Albright.


Female Human Ranger
Age: 30


Background: Her Mother and Father live in Krien. They are a poor family living on a subsistence farm. Rachel was recruited into the Blackened Beacon to scout the elven forest for a suitable location for Farwood. Has been part of the guild for 10 years, which has allowed her to travel all across Alberion. After Pharook’s Challenge and new limitations placed on Stephen, Ultah, and Fitzroy, Rachel became Stephen’s shadow/guard during the adventurers’ house arrest. She has recently taken an interest in the church of Jesus, but is still wary because of Stephen’s transgressions against the guild. Rachel was assigned to Stephen because of her knowledge of Farwood and the surrounding lands.

Rachel Toss

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