Welcome adventurers… to Farwood!

A simple logging town is about to become one of the most respected and powerful cities in all of Alberion. As the heroes expand Farwood and meet new companions be prepared to encounter droves of undead, plunder dragon hordes, and fend off pirates, armies, and criminal syndicates.

Please take a look around and see how Farwood and the heroes have been shaped by their experiences.

Farwood and greater Alberion are now host to another sub campaign The Titan Syndicate. Follow along with both campaigns with the tags Farwood and Titan Syndicate.

The adventures of Farwood is a unique campaign that allows all participants to be both GM and PCs. Players rotate being GM in order for each person to experience both sides of the table and to have a larger impact on their characters development and the campaign itself. In addition, Farwood has been designed to be a complete RPG hub. This allows us to bring in characters from other campaigns we have participated in over a combined 25 year history of playing Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. No longer will we yearn to play past characters, or feel trapped into playing a character that we lose interest in. They simply become NPCs for use in story telling!

Adventures of Farwood

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