Fitzroy Jones

Fitzroy Jones is the preeminent diplomat of the Blackened Beacon.


Fitzroy Jones was born in Krien to a wealthy locksmith named Kozen. Kozen came to power as a security specialist installing traps, locks, magical entrances, etc. to the aristocracy of the capital and outlying cities. As Fitzroy became older his father would include Fitzroy on installations. Fitzroy’s father had learned to seamlessly blend the talents and expertise of a life as a rogue and magical artificer, and through raising Fitzroy passed on these same talents.

Fitzroy enjoyed a lavish lifestyle throughout child including, most importantly, fencing and wizardry. His father deftly taught Fitzroy the skills he needed to defeat his opponents by masking spells into ordinary swordplay. At the age of 16 Fitzroy began competing in magi class fencing competitions that pitted talented sword and magic masters against one another. Fitzroy held to his father’s tutelage epitomized by Kozen’s mantra “Look like a fighter, fight like a wizard.” Fitzroy was able to blend casting and swordplay so perfectly that few people noticed that spells were ever cast. Opponents believed that Fitzroy’s swordplay simply outmatched his opponents combined efforts.

Fitzroy quickly advanced to expert ranks and began to gain the attention of the Blackened Beacon. The guild was interested in Fitzroy’s unique ability to stealthily use magic, his security expertise, and his travel/worldly experience. They were looking for an emissary to travel between cities and various guild locations to handle important business. Initially Fitzroy knew very little about the Blackened Beacon beyond their enticing offer of high pay and high adventure. After 5 years of working with the Blackened Beacon and watching it grow into a powerful entity Fitzroy now seeks new heights and prestige outside of the guild, but lacks the means or resources to escape without being a marked man.

Fitzroy Jones

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