Adventures of Farwood

The Price for Companionship

Yuntson, 24th of Annor, 1652

It has been three days since I made my last journal entry, but I have finally had a brief moment to write down my thoughts. I met with Miss Dezirae to proposition her to join in my quest for Ilmater’s Shackles. She was nothing like I expected…. Towering over me, like most people I guess, her bulging muscles and fiery eyes bespoke a sense of physical strength and power I have never seen. I was scared of her, but I think that’s what I was looking for in a companion for this quest. She thankfully agreed to my offer after some prodding from her trainer Warren and the promise of gold and glory! Oh there has already been so much gold, but I will get to that.

We left early after meeting, and after fumbling with our rented steed, we eventually made it to the location of a young dragons’s lair to acquire Wyvern’s Sting for Miss Dezirae. Although Miss Dezirae is “familiar” with fighting foes and taking her fair share of hits (I witnessed them first hand the night we met), I at the time had yet to fight for my life. We were ambushed by a group of kobolds I think were enslaved by the dragon and only thanks to Miss Dezirae did I come out of it with my life. Her feral rage is bloodthirsty and frightening. As she cleaved through kobolds my size I hid behind a bush she threw me in. I was shaken, but I did cast a fire bolt spell to protect Miss Dezirae from a charging kobold. After that first fight I knew I had picked a good companion, but I think I underestimated the quest I had forced upon the two of us.

The rest of the dragon’s lair was a blur. Miss Dezirae cleaving smelly hobgoblins and kobolds taking hit after hit without going down. I helped with my spells taking the monsters’ lives. It was not easy, morally or physically, but I think I have gained Miss Dezirae’s respect. She knows now that my spellcasting skills make up for my small stature.

We defeated the young dragon only about at large as Miss Dezirae. Atop its growing pile of gold and treasure it peered out at us as we approached. As we attacked, its vile poison breath struck out at us as its claws and teeth ripped long gashes through Miss Dezirae. My spells pounded its hide, but Miss Dezirae managed to finally drive her sword through its putrid heart. We stood victorious over a freaking DRAGON! Sorry for the language.

Miss Dezirae and I looted the dragon’s cache and are now resting by the lake. Ilmater’s Shackles are out there, and I believe it’s finally time to go meet Ringwalt.

-Pixel Mayweather



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